Hypno-therapy with Jaine Benson 


Thanks to the generosity of the Cedar Rapids Wilson Ave. HyVee who allowed me to meet employees there for hypnosis. You are wonderful!!

News for the New Year! A New office in Waterloo, not far from where I was, in Dr. Sherman's Chiropractic offices.

Come to 2315 Falls Ave. Waterloo 50701, in the Suite visible from the front doors just down a few stairs in the split level entrance, Suite #5. Call today for an appointment!

Remember 5 is the number for change, so I welcome you to the experience of looking at which patterns are where and how you want to change them. Remember that the brain and the body does not like shock. We take baby steps and incorporate little changes for a lasting change. 
Meanwhile, take good care of yourself. Emotional health is homeostasis. When your energy is smooth, your emotions have a better day. 

Now that I added this ship painting at the top, in contrast to the real clouds below I have to laugh, because that is what hypnosis is like. Vivid, and exciting in a calm kind of way, compared to the grayish daily life with dull skies. Hypnosis brightens up your outlook!!!
Suite 5 is on the lower level directly in the front doors.  Some stairs are required, and apologies for not having a ramp. I have a secondary location that has a wheelchair ramp if needed, so please let me know if that is a concern to you. Thank you. 
The art work above is by Markus Rothkranz. You will find his work at www.markusrothkranz.com. I found this ship to be a perfect metaphor for the visit to your subconscious and the way our mind can travel to find answers from deep within. 
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