Hypno-therapy with Jaine Benson 


Jaine knows her stuff and is always willing to learn more and more to help her clients! That's the kind of hypnotherapist I want! Karen Nelson, Certified Hypnotherapist, Van Nuys, CA.

Jaine is a special person. We are fortunate that she became a hypnotherapist. Her calm energy fills the room with light. I have already recommended her to two of my friends. I left the session totally relaxed!!!! Thank you for being a part of my life. Ragna Vidar, Los Angeles, California 

Janey is an artist-healer. She presents and introduces a world which is deep, wide and rich with possibility. She is assuring. She is proactive and generous. There are few coincidences in this life, we need to pay attention to all of our faculties. What I am certain of, is that this is but a step on the path, not a boulder to stop me or a ravine to fall hopelessly into, merely a step on my one true path. Nancy Huisinga, Clarion, Iowa

 Jaine is a very caring and spiritual person who truly wants to help people. Her beautiful soul comes through on her letters. She has been so generous to answering requests for help, not only to friends but to people she’s never met. Helen Bacoka, Toronto, Canada.

Hello my name is Erasmo and I had a great exprience with the hypnosis session I got from Janey Benson ,very professional service, and took me in really deep in a past life regression. It was an Awesome experience, thank you again!   Erasmo Reynoso C.Ht. Pacoima, California

“Jaine Benson is an insightful healer with natural instincts towards helping people achieve well-being. She has mastered a multitude of therapeutic techniques and I highly recommend her hypnotherapy services. Jaine is kind, caring, compassionate, and a pleasure to know.” April 12, 2010Brenda Witherspoon, C.Ht., Owner, The Healing Hypnotist, Canada 

“Jaine's warmth and truly caring nature is immediately recognized in every endeavor she undertakes. Her genuine compassion transcends all barriers to allow for a profound healing experience. I would recommend Jaine to anyone who is seeking an authentic, dedicated therapist who demonstrates her vast experience and wisdom so eloquently to all she encounters. Jaine's passion for being of service to others is contagious and inspirational. I admire her zest for life and her love for learning. I am sure that you will too."  3 January 24, 2010  Trisha Woolen, Life Coach/Hypnotherapist/Life Stream practitionor, Abundance Life Coaching LLC, California

Posted on the Facebook page of Mary Kangas and posted here with permission:  I have to say - I met with an amazing woman today. She was:  Caring  Compassionate  Intuitive  Understanding  Insightful  Dedicated  Accommodating  .... totally unbelievable - a self-proclaimed Mystic   I paid her for her services, but pleaseeee... She sooo earned it. She provided me information on things where I had NO idea... My meeting with her was well thought out, caring, specific, caring (did I say caring?)   I will go back again.. I think I have found someone who REALLY cares about me and what happens to me! I am excited, can you tell?   I will sleep well tonight because of Jaine. Mary Kangas, Iowa  
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