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Recent studies in Educational Psychology have brought William James, William Benjamin Carpenter and Lev Vygotsky into the frame. The field of psychology began with 2 things that this Life Coach practices: Mental Physiology and Medium Contact from Angels and Guides, who choose to show up in sessions but are not sought directly. The integrity of honoring spirit while working through what this lifetime brings may include past life information. There is a disclaimer you will need to sign, so that we are very clear. I am not a licensed healing arts practitioner and I do not prescribe nor diagnose. Any words I use are in light of the non medical model addressed here.                               and... More will be revealed.

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Jaine Benson


 Mission statement:

Gryphon Academie is a dream of integrating all modes of learning to achieve your personal goals.

From 1989 training at 3 in 1 Concepts, using the behaviour barometer and muscle testing, to 2009 clinical hypnotherapy training, hours have been well used perfecting the art of coaching clients in life. You will have the best thoughts and consideration for your questions. They are for the purpose of your learning. As Vygotsky says, you teach you. But if I can help instill something you need to be a blessing along the way, then give me a call.   

Through truth to freedom

Jaine Benson, facilitator

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learn from perspective.

Jaine Benson graduate of Augsburg College, (motto above) HMI, and UNI (Ed. Psych) with many studies including D.I. Hom., and N.D.