•EFT for PTSD and addictions
•Muscle testing for stress defusions
•NLP imagery for minimizing obsessions
•Hypnosis therapy for relaxation and calm
•Dolores Cannon hypnosis is a 3-4 hour appt.
•Graphology for relationship suggestibility help
•Choices for angel and ancestor insight and contact
•(No defense mechanisms can be removed and I cannot muscle test about people coming in or going out.)  _________________________________
•The above menu gives more choices for life coach appointments:
•Formerly if you came to me, you I was limited to hypnosis.
•Now, specify which focus you choose and the time you want.
•Time increments are 2 hours, 3, or 4 hours for new clients.
•Return clients can book 1 hour sessions or phone sessions.


Jaine Benson